About Us

84 Haji Lane, Singapore 189273 - The Central, 6 Eu Tong Sen Street, Singapore 059817 - 2 Kallang Avenue CT Hub #07-17 Singapore 339407

For many shoppers, the Chinese characters 花草樹木 that form the logo of SKYroom spontaneously conjure up images of nature and greeneries. Some of the uninitiated even believed a new florist has sprouted in town until they have actually visited the nature-themed lifestyle boutiques.

Once inside, our customer is immediately greeted by the edgy raw industrial character of the interior, juxtaposed surrealistically with nature’s motifs of wood and greens to create a retail dreamscape tucked away from the bustle of the city, where one can freely lose herself in the beauty of the décor, furnishing and the gorgeous collection of fashion and lifestyle products.

An unhurried stroll through this treasure trove reveals the unconventional personality and passion behind the smorgasbord of products. From vintage to contemporary, from quirky to elegant, from funky to chic, the eclectic collection is painstakingly handpicked from different corners of Asia, including unique works by local and emerging designers that appeal to the trendsetting inclinations within.

For the discerning shopper with a taste for all things beautiful and unpredictable, SKYroom promises a refreshing lifestyle concept that cultivates an ever-evolving garden of trendy, quality and affordable surprises, served with a relentless passion to create an unforgettable and delightful shopping experience.

Meet Patch, the spokesbitch (No puns intended) for SKYroom! A pure-breed bull terrier capable of giving love and soul to anyone around her.
She is our 花, our favourite female in our little team.
She is our 草, our source of energy and sunshine.
She is our 樹, the one who protects us from rainy days.
She is our 木, with her burly features, and tho' harmless, could still work up a bite.